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se|tempat is more than just a co-working space

We are a co-being space; a place to grow together, to be more than who we are, to self-actualize, to fulfil our truest potential. A few requirements are needed in order for us to be a c0-being space; namely, a niche community, specific curated learning and a symbiotic support system

se|tempat brings together Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators to play, learn and grow.

The learning at se|tempat is curated to ensure the members of our community experience not only growth of their enterprise but also personal growth. The curation is made easy due to our niche community.

se|tempat niche community will also be the nucleus for a symbiotic support system that will not only benefit the members of our community but also the entire eco-system.

The symbiotic support system consists of peer support, a network of coaches and mentors, mastermind groups, internship programs, action learning sessions, entrepreneurship clinic etc.


Launching day 01 April 2019

A co-being space for Social Entrepreneurs and Social innovators

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Hot Desking

Training Room

Printing Services

Comfortable Chairs

Prayer Room

Community Pantry

Free Wifi

Coffee Bar -Social Enterprise

Meeting Rooms

Graphic Design Services


A sustainable symbiotic Social Enterprise and Social Innovation ecosystem that makes this world a better place for all


- To be the preferred Social Enterprise & Innovation co-working space
- To be the premier learning & development centre for Social Entrepreneurs 
- To build a thriving, sustainable & symbiotic Social Entrepreneurship &  
Innovation community


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