Back in 25th August 2019, we had our first Sesunday session at Setempat. Co-hosted by Setempat and Purpose Malaysia where we have decided to run it on Sunday.

We chose Sunday because we thought:” instead of spending a lazy Sunday at home, why not we create a day where the community can come and learn from people with diverse background with interesting stories?”. We also opened the event for vendors both SE and Non-SE to join us and have Pop-up booth for the public to sell their products.

The theme for that Sesunday was “Stories of Unity”, where we have invited a dynamic list of speakers to share with the crowd about what unity mean to them. We invited them to give a presentation in a Pecha-Kucha format. You can read all about Pecha- Kucha format here and why it could be useful for your next presentation!

In this quick update, we will be sharing with you the list of organizations that have presented and how you may be able to collaborate with them in your next project. (We have included a hyperlink for each of the organization involved) 🙂 so that you can check them out and get to know them better.

We started off the event with a short opening speech by the Co Host from both Setempat and Purpose Malaysia.

Then, we went straight into the presentation by a variety of organizations that support multiple causes from helping rural girls to stay in school by providing them reusable sanitary pad (Blubear) to engaging Malaysia’s indigenous community in ensuring that they are not cut out from the outside world (Project Hope) through either infrastructural building program or educational program for the indigenous youth.

We also had representatives from organization that captures photo of people with interesting stories and share it through their social platform (Humans of KL), not forgetting those that believe in empowering youth through their development programs (Aiesec), also those who fight for providing an equal opportunity for everyone by investing in change makers that can support their vision of tackling poverty (Acumen).

As we have mentioned earlier, we also had vendors opening Pop-up booth to sell their products. Check out the list of vendors below:

  • Oleh Elona ~ Natural Products For Problematic Skin
  • The First Bite ~ Sells Delicious Bakery Goods
  • Kartini Kaligrafi ~ Calligraphy Services For Multiple Occasions
  • Coffee For Good ~ Social Enterprise that provides barista skills for youth in challenging environment to give them a source of income. Also provide catering coffee services at a VERY AFFORDABLE rate!

What makes it even more happening was the presence of a busker platform team called (buddeybnb) that appreciate and support local talents by providing them opportunity to perform in public.

It was thoroughly a successful event attracting the crowd that we wanted and we are planning a few more in the pipeline with different theme and content that can be beneficial for the community.

If you are interested to know how you can be part of the next event, do get in touch us by dropping us an email at

– A supportive community is a caring community-

Until our next post!

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